CPR, BLS, First Aid Class
Sign up today for low cost CPR, BLS, and First Aid Class. Our certified instructors are experienced and licensed healthcare professionals. Let us design a training program for your facility or provide you with a unique individualized CPR learning experience. Training is consistent with the American Heart Association and meets the requirements by Federal OSHA for the designated workplace responder. Save a life by learning CPR!

Classroom certifications follow strict guidelines 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among adults in the United States. In many cases, heart disease leads to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). This CPR class will prepare you in CPR and AED use. We implement a combination of DVD, lecture, and hands on techniques. Basic First Aid Training is included in this CPR class.



BLS class for Healthcare Providers and Professional Rescuers. In this BLS class you will be certified in adult, child, and infant CPR along with AED use. O2 administration and BBP could be included with this BLS certification upon request. Need a BLS class for school or work? Register for a BLS class today and receive your Federal OSHA compliant certification.

Advanced First Aid is the initial care given by a responder. This class is based on the most current guidelines from the ILCOR international consensus. As published by the American Heart Association and the International First Aid Science Advisory Board. Register for Advanced First Aid Training today!

CPR, BLS, First Aid Class



 CPR & Basic First Aid





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